Following graduating from the Royal College of Art my work was recognised for pioneering the use of plastics with precious metals; examples of which can be seen in permanent collections worldwide.

By preference early work culminated in primarily brooches because they corresponded most closely to the arrived images. Experiments in the 1970's with acrylic gave a particular outlet for my strong sense of colour; combining gold and silver with a synthetic material gave me then a wonderful sense of design and artistic freedom. Acrylic in particular allowed for expansion and a scale not normally associated with jewellery, wall-ornaments and small sculpture from which wearable pieces could be detached evolved from this period.

Drawing, sketches and notes on detail and materials were important stages in the early development of the work. Drawing now does not necessarily precede the jewellery; instead I build concepts around the primary source material.

Current work involves the use of precious metals that includes the development of a unique clamping method for the setting of precious stones. This innovative technique allows the stone to be viewed highlighting the colour, depth and brilliance of the gem.

The Laser Series is composed initially by transferring perspective drawings via a laser onto an acrylic surface. Individual compositions are then enhanced with gold details that highlight the perspective lines. This has evolved to pieces being made using only 18ct coloured golds, eliminating the graphics embedded in the acrylic, although maintaining the distinctive geometric structure via the metal.

2020 - Inclusion of paintings and drawings reflects a move away from benchwork.


Bideford School of Art, Devon UK
Central School of Art & Design, London
Royal College of Art, London


1972 4th International Exhibition of Jewellery
Jablonec and Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.
1973 Sandersons Art in Industry Award
Travel Scholarship to Trinidad and Tobago.
1976 Tokyo Triennal, Seibu Museum of Art, Japan

Work in Public Collections

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Texas, U.S.A.
The Helen Williams Drutt Collection, U.S.A.
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
The National Gallery of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
The Crafts Council of Great Britain, London, UK
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, London, UK
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum, Aberdeen, UK
The Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK
Nottingham City Museum, Nottingham, UK

Solo Exhibitions

1975 Electrum Gallery, London Extra-Dimensional Jewellery
1978 Bergdorf Goodman, Chicago Featured British Jeweller
1987 The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh Retrospective
1991 Crawford Centre for the Arts, St Andrews Retrospective
1991 The Bankhead Museum, Halifax Retrospective
1992 Gainsborough’s House Gallery, Suffolk Retrospective
1993 Woodlands Art Gallery, London Cutting Three Axes
1994 Seagate Gallery, Dundee Cutting Three Axes
1994 Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Stirling Cutting Three Axes
2001 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow New Directions
2008 G de Joies Gallery, Barcelona Laser Series

Selected Group Exhibitions

1973 Aspects of Modern Jewellery Aberdeen Art Gallery
1973 British Jewellery Hanau Goldschmiedehaus, Germany
1973 British JewelleryCameo Corner Jewellery Gallery, London
1973 R.C.A. at Seibu, Seibu, Tokyo, Japan
1974 4th International Exhibition of Jewellery, Czechoslovakia
1975 Contemporary Drawings & Prints Victoria & Albert Museum
1976 Jewellery in Europe, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
1976 Jewellery in Europe, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1976 3rd International Art Jewellery Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1976 Contemporary Jewellery Collection, V & A Museum
1977 ON TOUR, Museums in Germany & Australia
1977 Jubilee Jewellery, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1977 Contemporary Jewellery, Atmosphere Gallery, London
1977 Explosion Exhibition, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
1978 British Jewellery, Concepts Gallery, Carmel, USA
1978 British Jewellers on Tour, Museums in Holland
1979 Modern Jewellery at Libertys, Libertys, London
1979 A British Collection, Bloomingdales, New York
1980 British Jewellery, Graham Gallery, La Hoja, California
1981 The Tenth Year, Electrum Gallery, London
1981 The Ring from Antiquity to Present Day, Electrum Gallery
1982 Two Man Exhibition, Oxford Gallery, Oxford
1982 The Maker’s Eye, Crafts Council Gallery, London
1989 Invitation to Exhibition, Robert Steele Gallery, Adelaide
1991 Classic Plastics, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
1993 The Magic of the Ring, Electrum Gallery, London
1994 Helen Williams Drutt Collection, Museum of Art, Zurich
1995 Helen Williams Drutt Collection, Stedelijk Museum Fine Arts
1995 British Gallery, The Landesmuseum, Germany
1996 Fantastic Plastic, Roger Billcliffe Fine Art, Glasgow
1996 Centenary Exhibition, The Burton Art Gallery & Museum
1998 20th Century Jewellery, Christie’s, London
1998 Alloy Four, Electrum Gallery, London
1998 Alloy Five, SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana University
1998 Alloy Five, Hopkins Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1999 Alloy Five, Art Gallery, North Seattle College, Washington
1999 Alloy Five, Octagonal Gallery, University of Wisconsin
1999 Alloy Five, SoFA Gallery, San Diego State University
1999 Alloy Five, Art Gallery, Pasadena City College, California
2000 Free Range, Simmons Gallery, London
2001 Treasures of the 20th Century, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
2000 The Decorated Ego, Koningin Fabiolazaal,Antwerp
2003 Modern Designer Jewellery Fairfax House, Castlegate, York
2004 British Contemporary Jewellery, City Museum, Bristol
2004 Evoke ‘Out of the Showcase’, VRC, DCA Dundee
2004 Orogemma Gold Fair, Vicenza, Italy
2004 Shapes of Jewelry, Le Arti Orafe, Vicenza,Italy 2005
2006 Design Yard, Dublin, Ireland
2006 Schumacher Gallery, Bramsche, Germany
2007 Cutting Edge, Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
2007 Ornament as Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston USA
2007 Cutting Edge, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
2007 Dundee Connections, Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2008 Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington
2008 Inorgenta Europe 2008, Munich
2008 Contemporary Art Gallery, Laren, Holland
2008 G de Joies Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2008 DesignYard, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
2009 Thread of Gold, Pittenweem Arts Festival
2009 Goldsmiths Fair, London
2009 Desire, Winchester
2010 Desire, Richmond
2010 The Contemporary Craft Fair, Devon
2010 Making Waves, Pittenweem Arts Festival
2010 Goldsmiths' Fair 2010
2012 SH Jewellery, Edinburgh
2013 Alchemia, Edinburgh
2014 Amy C Mackay Jewellery, Beauly
2015 Pittenweem Festival, Scotland


1976 Contemporary Jewellery - Ralph Turner
1980 The Contemporary Decorative Arts - Philippe Garner
1983 Twentieth Century British Jewellery - Peter Hinks
1983 Twentieth-Century Jewellery - Barbara Cartlidge
1984 The Ring- from Antiquity to the C20th - Barbara Cartlidge
1990 The New Jewellery - Peter Dormer & Ralph Turner
2000 The Ego Adorned - Jan Walgrave
2007 Ornament as Art - Houston Museum of Fine Art
2010 Twentieth-century Jewellery - Alba Cappellieri

Lecturing Overseas

1981 Parson’s School of Art, Fifth Avenue, New York
1981 7th National Rocky Mountain Symposium, Vail, Colorado
1980 California State University, Los Angeles, California
1980 San Diego State University, San Diego, California
1989 University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
1995 Konstfack University College of Art & Design, Stockholm
Diamond & Sapphire Rings
Gold Neckpieces
Laser Series
Neckpieces Modeled
Tri-Coloured Gold Brooches

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